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From a few places on Earth where the atmosphere is just right you might see the Milky Way and some of the local group galaxies – including the Large and Small Megallenic Clouds.

This panorama shot by Amit Kamble is one of my new favorites. LMC and SMC (bottom & top, left), and our milky way galaxy with its shiny center.


Photo / Amit Kamble – Night Sky Above the Māori site Opotaka, New Zealand

The arms of the galaxy encircle us at an incredibly far distance. It’s impossible to fully behold it all at once, and to get a perfect photo of it from Earth or anywhere.

Some other panorama shots flatten the galaxy arm to a straight line; but then the ground is not straight. From Earth we only see about 180° of the arm; so neither panorama is any “more correct” of a way to do it, I’d say. (more…)