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You’ve probably noticed the Bitcoin has been increasing in value lately. A whole lot actually.


Chart by Mt.Gox

November 1st it was worth $212; today, 18 days later it’s worth $600. (See the green dots there)

I won’t be the one to suggest you go buy Bitcoins now. As they say, it’s still a somewhat new thing, and new things are always fairy risky investments. I just wish I had bought bunches more of them when I first did.

For those who are new to Bitcoins heres a quick summary. (Video: What is Bitcoin)

  • A Bitcoin Wallet is a software on your phone or computer.
  • Your Wallet has an address for receiving Bitcoins – A unique sequence of letters/numbers is your address.
  • This is the address you tell people to send your Bitcoins to, when you buy or earn them.
  • From your wallet you can send and receive Bitcoins, it also tells you the current value of your BTC in any currency you want.
  • Alternatively, you can buy an actual, physical Bitcoin some places.
Physical Bitcoin - 10 Silver

Physical Bitcoin by Casascius

The current value of the Bitcoin and how to keep your wallet safe is the most important thing (for a layperson like myself) to know. How Bitcoins are generated, and how to mine for them (which many will say is pointless) is interesting to learn as well. Bitcoins are said to be a better alternative than regular money.

Instead of Buying, Why not Earn Them?

If you have a website with Google or Amazon advertisements, or similar, you could try using something that pays you in Bitcoins instead.

It’s less risky than buying, right now.

Google Ads pay you pennies each time they’re clicked, so do Bitcoin based ads, but pennies of Bitcoins sounds better right now as they’re growing so fast.

CoinUrl – The Smart Way to Monetize your Content


Banner and text ads for your site. Monetized shortlink urls for your social networking.

Cons: Very low pay-per-click until your site grows in “trust level”.

CoinAd – a PTC (paid-to-click) that pays you in Bitcoins

Seems to only have gambling based advertisements thus far. Pays up to 1.2mBTC per click

(1 mBTC = one thousandth of a Bitcoin. About 60 cents in USD.)

I’ll add some more of these as I find them.

Not many types of banners and ads to choose from yet. As more of us start using them they’ll attract more advertisers.
(They mostly just accept bitcoin related sites for now)

Other Cryptocurrencies
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