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It’s pretty interesting, but do you think many will use these? I’ve only really seen the heart used.


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Maybe in the future?

“Branding for Manifest explored the line between internal culture and external appearances with the creation of a 40-character glyph language

You should look at this whole deal.”


I ushually try to spell with no imperfekshens. But sumtims I see sum that I think meiks mor sens than the ‘corect’ spellin. And I wud say, or think “Hmm, yup, that’s how it shud hav been desind!”.

I do respect the English langwij a lot, it’s the most advanst in the world. And I luvd lernin it, still lernin. But I alweys wonder about pepl who sey they’r “anoyd by” alternativ spellin, or errors for that matr.


It amuses me to think of a muse, museum, and music as relatives; and when I find words that are very similar across languages I think it’s pretty cool.

A compliment I got a lot since I moved to the U.S is that I don’t have an accent. And I take that as a┬ácompliment since I was always picky with my English learning, being half american, it was important for me to do good in English class.