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It amuses me to think of a muse, museum, and music as relatives; and when I find words that are very similar across languages I think it’s pretty cool.

A compliment I got a lot since I moved to the U.S is that I don’t have an accent. And I take that as a compliment since I was always picky with my English learning, being half american, it was important for me to do good in English class.

#Maythefourth be withyou – Star Wars Day – via Tubeblogger – Star Wars Day – May The Fourth Be With You.

May 4th is Star Wars day, and today is also my one year on Empire avenue, The Social Network Exchange, so I’m commission free for a day =D

And welcome to my new subscribers. Since some are email subscriptions, I’ll try to not post many times per day. Check out my video about setting up your Gmail inbox filtering. Thanks for subscribing!
I got to see some Star Wars stuff this sunday in the Disneyland Resort =D


New Domain!

Posted: May 1, 2012 in About Me

Welcome to NickoGibson.Com !

Just made this blog yesterday, april 30th. and imported some posts from two of my Blogspot blogs, so this blog was quickly populated with some of my stuff =D

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Working on a Candle Stake

Posted: April 6, 2012 in About Me

Playing The Kinect

Posted: April 6, 2012 in About Me, Video Games

I’ve had some fun with the Kinect the first few weeks of playing. Though I’ve already stopped playing these few games. Need some new ones. I do look really excited about playing Adventures here: Playing Kinect Adventures

Had to put some pillows while playing with Nate. The pillows were mostly for me =D


This free downloadable game “I am Super” was worth playing around with if just to make this video:

I had aquarium(s) as a kid and remembered it as a lot of work.
But now that I can buy all the stuff I need it’s not really that difficult =P
Plus I’m much wiser now so I manage to keep a better ecology going in the tank, which helps keep it clean and balanced.
Thought I’m still missing a couple of the things I ordered so no picture yet =P

Wow, this is old

Posted: May 25, 2011 in About Me, Digital Media

Just found this video.
I used to do capoeira, and just freestyle acrobatics. Many years ago.
I still know how to do a backflip and stuff, but I’m not nearly this good anymore =(

Some more:

Reading Plato’s Republic

Posted: April 3, 2011 in About Me, Books

From http://hypernews.ngdc.noaa.govImage via WikipediaOne of the most interesting books in the world, in my opinion.
About the nature of Justice and injustice “Nothing less than the rule of human life is at stake”
The question is “is there more benefit from being just than unjust?”
Thrasymachus starts off by saying the unjust man gains more than the just, by stealing of course.
Socrates job is to prove that the just man is generally happier as a person.

The book makes me rather cheerful 🙂 And probably smarter and more philosophical.
My method of thinking is changing already.