What can you not learn online?

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Digital Media, Technology
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Getting an education is good, mostly because you probably won’t get very far trying to apply for some jobs and saying “oh, yeah I learned all of that myself, online, and at the library”, or can you?
I’ve heard of some people who passed their Bar Exam after studying law with no school, now working as lawyers ( participating in a 2+ year law office study program is required in the U.S, though)
There are also many online schools where you can get your degree.

I’ve learned a lot online myself. About programming, graphic design, video editing/effects, and writing is something I learn daily as an ESL. Let me share some of my favorite resources:


Completely free, easy to use, many step by step courses to take. I’ve learned most of what I know about programing from here. And brushed up some HTML/CSS.

Video CoPilot.

Really cool video tutorials and templates for Adobe After Effects, and all of them are for free (the tutorials at least) .


– This website used to be full of “mindboggingly awesome tips”, nowadays it’s more like “oh, that’s cool”. Like every popular website now they have a buncha posts every day to stay relevant.
Still worth checking out.

For example, learning the “Google search tips“, if you haven’t read one of the many posts teaching this already, is a first place to start when you want to learn stuff online. Search for exactly what you need to learn and you’ll probably find it.
That’s something I do basically every day, usually ending up on Wikipedia or Youtube.
Youtube.com/EDU is a great resource as well. Many college and university classes are video taped and added here.

What’s your favorite online learning resource?

  1. jumatil says:

    I usually prefer website that provide free online medical education like British Medical Journal (BMJ) Learning !

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