Chrome Extensions I Can’t Live Without

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Technology
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(and some I probably could)

I’ve now gone half a year without a smartphone, something I previously thought I couldn’t live without.
All I really need is my laptop or tablet with me, and an internet connection nearby.
Oh, and I have to study Google Maps really carefully if I’m going somewhere new, since I’m pretty bad with directions.

1. Google Voice

This amazing service from Google lets me have one number forever, so the next time I get a phone I won’t have to tell people my new number. It forwards the calls/texts to any number I want.
The Chrome ext. for this service notifies me of new text, voicemail, or missed calls. I can also send text from there. And amazingly enough it is FREE.
Also, If I have Google+ open in a tab I get the ‘incoming call notification’, however, I can’t actually answer the phone there; I think they’re still working on that. I just call people back from my gmail.

2. LastPass

A password reminder tool. Whenever I turn on Chrome I log into the LastPass app with the ‘Last Password I’ll ever have to remember’. I like this better than any built-in password reminder in any browser, for many reasons. It just works better, remembers better/updates when I change password, fills out forms and can create random passwords, it’s easy to turn off when others want to use my computer, and some other features.

3. SEO for Chrome

I could live without this, but it’s nice to have the option to view statistics about the page I’m on. I mostly use it for my own pages (check page rank and backlinks). But sometimes for other sites too, to check if they’re ‘safe’, as in not brand new PR1 sites that I maybe don’t want to give any of my info.

4. PwnYouTube

This is a bookmarklet, not really an extension. It’s a bookmark dragged onto the address bar that ‘does something’ when you click it.
It is made by deturl, the hands-down most amazing free YouTube video download tool, since I’m always two clicks away from downloading the video I’m watching, and convert it to another format. AND it lets me choose between the various converter services, so if one isn’t working, use another. AND I don’t have to install some annoying Java tool to do the job.


Whenever there’s a bookmarklet for the job I prefer that over apps/extensions. For example in the share folder I have bookmarklets to share on Twitter, G+, Pinterest and many others. Having too many apps/extensions slows down Chrome quite a bit.

  1. TSE says:

    Love Chrome Extensions! Can’t live without my Evernote, Pinterest, Buffer, SocialBa, G. Voice and a few others.

    • nickogibson says:

      That’s awesome, I need to check out Evernote. It’s one of the few things I miss my smartphone for. I have buffer installed but forget to use it much. For pinterest I just use the bookmarklet.

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