Wy wud u be agenst spellin reform?

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Writing/Rambling
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I ushually try to spell with no imperfekshens. But sumtims I see sum that I think meiks mor sens than the ‘corect’ spellin. And I wud say, or think “Hmm, yup, that’s how it shud hav been desind!”.

I do respect the English langwij a lot, it’s the most advanst in the world. And I luvd lernin it, still lernin. But I alweys wonder about pepl who sey they’r “anoyd by” alternativ spellin, or errors for that matr.

Wat is wrong wit these pepl?

I mean, if u can undurstan wat the wurds are sayin then wats the problm? I ges if they really can’t undurstan it, then I get the annoyens.

But I think sum ar just anoyd by enything that dosn’t conform to beysics/standerds?

Or they’r prowd of ther own perfecshonism,  anoyd by other’s lack of it, and want pepl tu kno “hey u did sumthin rong”. But y?

The only reson it is hardr tu read is becus u’r not used to it. But that dosn’t mean it’s inferior.

I kno a spellin reform wud nevr hapn tho, and frankly, I’m not tu keen on re-lernin so meny nu wurds ethr.

But ther was a librarian naimd Melvil Dui (Melville Dewey) who tryd to reform English. It didnt work, tho.


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