Video Games as a Story Telling medium

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Digital Media, Uncategorized, Video Games

Many things can be said about video games as one of the latest forms of storytelling.

Certainly some people would say video game is the best story telling medium. As it is both interactive and can have the same visual effects that film/video can, sometimes better. But it is opinion still, that interaction makes stories better, or that real human characters make stories better in film.

The challenge of making books into movies has often been great, and we have finally reached a point where things like Lord of the Rings is possible. And it’s safe to say most books are possible as films (or games) one way or another, if anyone cares enough and has enough money. Sometimes however, because of length and other things, they’re not always viable as films, but maybe series, TV shows, or games.

In a video game there are more options for including more of the details described in the book, without making a “too long” story, as is often the case with video.

How would you tell a story like this in a book?

I wonder, is there any story that is better told in a video game than any other medium?

The whole storyline of “Bioshock: Infinite” would have to be a pretty long book. Even though the game is only a few hours long. In order to describe all the details etc. the book could be very long. Definitely the game series Fallout and Elder Scrolls would be long books. The games themselves include big worlds to explore, which can take days/weeks, though the main storyline can be completed in hours.

In video games you can tell such stories, with an immense amount of data and detail that is optional, and adds a lot of richness to the story whether the player explores the optionals or not. Since they are in the background and define the virtual world.

The main strength of video games is that they can tell a story with variables. With multiple endings etc. and with optionals to explore.


Theres an increasing interest in gamifying certain tasks to make them less boring. And it’s also increasingly common for movies to have game apps, facebook apps. or some form of game related to the story.

I think as time progresses, more parts of daily entertainment will involve some gamification.  And also more of the tasks will.

At one point virtual worlds will probably be the most popular form of entertainment. And many entertainers will see there’s more money to be made in virtual worlds.

Especially big entertainment companies will, I believe, eventually there’s more incentive and money to be made in virtual worlds because the average fan spends more on entertainment in a virtual world.  And it will probably be true whether it’s an interactive story or not, I believe 2D video will become a less popular form.


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