A Shoutout to some of the recent sites I’ve worked on.

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Digital Media, links

Web designer was never really on my “I wanna become” list, but over the years I’ve learned some of it. I only have one pretty active blog (tubeblogger.net) but I have secretly made at least 20 blogs for my own ramblings, tutorials, niches, and product reviews (Though I constantly get writers block), Here are some of the websites I’ve designed or worked on:

www.bynate.net – The coolest lil L.A Kid =) still thinking of how to make the site better.
ethamc.blogspot.com – My friend the cool M.C Emac. Working on this site with my friend Rico who is a fast learner and ready to work on his own =)
www.pufftronics.com – For healthier smoking alternatives. Simple design. an example of a quick niche site set up in a day.
thehelpfulweb.blogspot.com – A simple blog for my tutorials or guest writers tutorials, an example of a quick niche site set up in a day, to throw ideas at whenever.
grownuptoystore.blogspot.com – Another quick niche site I set up. Ran out of ideas to blog about though but the concepts work =)

Not going to share all of them here. Also see Youtube Channel – Kudo Studios .

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