#MaytheFourth Be With You

Posted: May 4, 2012 in About Me, Uncategorized
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#Maythefourth be withyou – Star Wars Day – via Tubeblogger – Star Wars Day – May The Fourth Be With You.

May 4th is Star Wars day, and today is also my one year on Empire avenue, The Social Network Exchange, so I’m commission free for a day =D

And welcome to my new subscribers. Since some are email subscriptions, I’ll try to not post many times per day. Check out my video about setting up your Gmail inbox filtering. Thanks for subscribing!
I got to see some Star Wars stuff this sunday in the Disneyland Resort =D

It sure brought back memories, though the Disneyland Star Tours has been updated since last time I went on it.
It now takes you on a “random” combination of cutscenes creating a different experience almost every time.
“makes you wonder what you missed” is what my girlfriend said. We went to disneyland as a date, neither of us having been there since we were kids.


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