was fricken awesome, for once!

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Digital Media is a blog, or newspaper thing that updates itself every day (or weekly as mine now does) with stories my Twitter friends have been talking about.
It’s supposed to be an easy way to see the top stories of the day, in a more visual way than on twitter.

But usually the paper ranges from lame to okay.
I know, I can set up the keywords and everything better, and I have experimented with that quite a bit, it just rarely makes it any more interesting.
It doesnt seem to pick the most interesting articles within the topic, nor the best pics. Also, it doesn’t seem to mention the right people in the automatic tweet (see the tweet embedded below).

I’m not blaming the service, it does (most of) what it says on the can, its just that artificial intelligence can rarely make something cool and useful at the same time, I guess – it’s not on that level yet.
Except when its 4/20 and your paper is called twisted stories daily (or weekly =). I’ve put all the people who post about twisted things on twitter into a list, and told the paper to steal stories from that list to stay cool. And today it finally came out really cool. Lots of interesting pot stories from the likes of @joerogan, @Dumbasablog, and @Uncyclopaedia .


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