I hate thieves!

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Writing/Rambling

I’m in Europe for a week and lost my wallet here, something I’ve never done before.
The main things lost were my california ID and Paypal Card.

Luckily it was a brand new Paypal card and I’m not really using it yet,  my main credit card I had directly in my pocket for some strange reason, something I’ve never done before either.

But almost right away PayPal called and said someone had tried to pay 4000 (not sure if it’s USD) to a european cellphone company.
What the hell… I guess they were trying to launder the money somehow.

I was hoping whoever found it would be kind enough to mail the wallet to my Cali address.

But they must have seen/thought “American… paypal business card,… jackpot!”



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