Forgot to put one of these on my wishlist

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Writing/Rambling

The coolest skateboard, longboard, and cruisers ever!

Simpsons Classic Skateboards, or “Cruzers”. If I had one I’m not even sure I would ride it. The little one was for sale in a store nearby for about $129. I think I can get it for 100 online.

Christmas just went by and I missed out on a Santa Cruz Complete Skateboard. =D
Bart’s skateboard is 27 inches long and kinda bulky, looks like Bart’s skateboard from the series.

 I’m not even sure which one I want yet. Since they’re all big I might go with the “Duff” pintail longboard, 43 inch. With the beer logo in the middle of the grip-tape, It’s something I can ride without wearing it out too fast, as opposed to Homer Simpsons longboard at 43 inches with an amazing paint job; which I wouldn’t ride at all.
Might just put it on the wall.


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