Some mind expanding books

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Books, Philosophy, Writing/Rambling

The School of Athens (detail). Fresco, Stanza ...Image via WikipediaThought I should ramble a bit about some “mind expanding” books I’ve read.
A short history of nearly everything” is a great book that covers almost all areas of science,  it’s also like a journey through science, where you learn how much you don’t know about everything =P
Plato’s Rebublic had an effect on me as well, and I wrote about it a few weeks ago, me thinks, in this blog.
Hmm, “Blink”, and the other Malcolm Gladwell works. It’s psychology etc. applied and described in interesting ways.
Since we’re talking “mind expanding” I guess I have to throw in “The Self Aware Universe” , and I’ll probably think of more later.

  1. Nice blog for real. Followed, tagged, juju and all to your blog.

  2. Nicko says:

    Thanx! Need to fix it now though =P

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