Did Back To The Future almost get it right?

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Digital Media, Writing/Rambling

In Back To the Future II, one of my favorite movies, they had flying cars and hoverboards in the year 2015, I somewhat doubt that kinda technology will be available 4 years from now.
They also have awesome 3D, remember the JAWS that came out of the screen, almost perfect timing for that to be in 2015, with all the new 3D Movie stuff we have now in 2011, still developing.

Remember the creepy Michael Jackson computer in one of the corner-stores or donut shops or whatever it was?
Almost seems like they knew MJ wouldn’t be alive in 2015.
I guess they got more stuff wrong than they got right, but it’s always amazing to me to look back and see how people thought the future would end up, the future we live in, or almost live in now.


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