How Much Are you Worth Online? – Empire Avenue – Buy/Trade shares in friends or celebs

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Digital Media, Writing/Rambling

Social Network Game – Empire Avenue – Buy/Trade shares in friends or celebs: “

Just joined this new game/social network exchange called Empire Avenue.
Making credits by how good my blogs and profiles are.
It ‘s pretty cool, connected all my sites and stuff and it works like this: When I joined my stock TUBEBLOG was worth e10.

Then, as I connected Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr, the value increased.

Now my online influence (posts/tweets, comments, likes etc.) increases my value further .

You’ll get paid credits by owning shares, and when someone buys your shares. Owning shares in other influencers (as they’re called) pays dividends, so look for some Big Boys (sites or celebs) with a steady record of increase, who pay around .70 per share, per day, that’s a good payback.

The Empire money can currently be used to advertise your sites or profiles, buy trinkets etc. I hope that in the future sometime, we can convert the Empire money to real money!

Don’t forget to buy some shares in TUBE (my ticker) after you sign up.


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